The creative talent of the students is represented through some cultural activities integrated in the school curriculum. To inspire a love for reading, creativity and capacity for analytical thinking, the students are exposed to various Co-curricular activities ranging from debates to declamations, dramatics to arts, dance, music, craft, and clay modeling amongst others.

Educational programmes inclusive of movies, seminars, workshops etc. are organised for the students on a regular basis. Students participate in various cultural programs organised by the school


SUPW Activities:

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Students are taught various forms of art like – poster making, outdoor sketching, and different shapes of Rangoli etc. This not only enhances their interest in art but also helps them learn something new with each art




Clay Modeling is a good stream in art field and visual art. Students are taught how to create 3D programme (FILEminimizer)models and sculptures using clay, this helps in enhancing their creativity.

Craft is a medium through which children can express their views in 2D or 3D form. Students learn a lot about decoration by making beautiful craft like wall hanging etc.



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To develop the creative ability of the children, various activities are held like – best out of waste, card making, needle work, painting etc.





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In the Dance class, traditional Kathak dance is taught. Folk dances and Ballets are prepared for the school and inter-school competitions.





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Students learn how to define their desired outcomes for the talk, develop a clear arresting message, and gain greater confidence and expressiveness to ensure that they connect with their listeners. They also gain control of state of fright and speak with energy and conviction.



Students sing and learn different Hindi songs in praise of God and for fun too. Various feelings of music room (FILEminimizer)patriotism, togetherness, and oneness are inculcated into them through music. Students perform everyday during assembly.

Students can learn how to play the instrument of their choice like – Tabla, Harmonium, Congo etc. This helps students in finding a new talent within them and performing stage shows by playing their instrument.


Prefectorial Investiture Ceremony

The various office bearers for different houses and clubs take over the charges in the ceremony. After receiving the badges and sashes, the post bearers in a solemn tune, take oath to forerun a new era of eternal rediance.


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